Wednesday 4 February 2015

The Carving Board SG

Previously known as Soupbarsg in Tanjong Pagar Hawker, they are now opened as The Carvingboardsg, offering more than just soups and salad. And the best part of it, they are now open at Jurong East, which is a 5-minute stone’s throw away from my home! How awesome is that?

We reached the place at 620pm and given that it is open at 600pm, there was a significant number of tables occupied already! Menu looks quite extensive with steak, mix grills, spaghetti (choose-your sauce and ingredients), burgers to light bites and fries (5 types to choose from)! There’s beer-on-tap and ciders to pair along with the western food. But but but, what happen to the soups? I didn’t spot any of them in the menu at all. I especially miss having the forest mushroom soup that was so GAO (thick) and creamy with a variety of blended mushroom. I am sure all of us hope they will bring it back here!
Home-made ice lemon tea

First, we ordered a breaded calamari rings to share. Calamari was served smoking hot but it’s kind of overpowered by the layer of breaded crust.
Calamari Rings
Cross sectional
Spotted Chef Gary’s Curry Pork Burger on the handmade burger menu and I knew I had to try this. It definitely didn’t disappoint with the curry mayo (felt that the curry taste could be stronger and spiciness up one more level). The pork patty was quite remarkable as it has a good mix of minced lean meat and fats, the grilled pineapple gives an extra oomph to the juiciness of the meat. The fries served retained it crispiness even after a good 10 minutes of foodoshots, still considered buay pai lah when paired with their chilli sauce. (MacDonalds is just across the road lol)
Curry Pork Burger
Being big-eaters, we ordered the mix grill (beef steak, bratwurst, rosemary chicken chop) to enjoy all the meats in a plate. It scores on its presentation when it comes served on a wooden (chopping) board. While the meats were decent, we are more impressed with the specially concocted side - potato salad – potato chunks are of smaller cubes as compared to Astons.
Mix Grill
It is definitely a refreshing change to have atas western food and at a heartland coffeeshop (can wear casually mah, t shirt & slippers), perfect for a afterwork night chillout. Somemore in the west, I will definitely be back to support the battered fish & chips (I eyed a generous serving of it for another table upon leaving) and carbonara spaghetti! Yay for Westies again!

Address: BLK 252 Jurong East Street 24 #01-107
Opening Hours: Tues-Sun 6 to 10 pm (last order 930pm)
Instagram: the carvingboardsg

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